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Vacancies on the Management Committee: Treasurer, Shop Manager & Webmaster

My thanks to everyone who has responded to my requests for volunteers to fill the above posts on the Management Committee. Those who have put their names forward will be replied to individually. I apologise for the delay in a response from the Committee to your offers. The Communications glitch that arose causing the delay in replying only proves our need for a Webmaster. The Committee is now selecting candidates for co opting on to the Committee at the moment, and who will have their names put forward for approval at an AGM. This AGM will have to be the 2018 one as there is no time now to take nominations before the 2017 AGM in accordance with the notice of the AGM 2017 in Newsletter 6/16.

With the consent of those who have expressed interest in the vacancies I will keep a record of their applications in order that they may be approached when (rather than if!) vacancies arise.

If you wish to have your name included on the record for future contact please send me your details.

This does not affect of course any member's right to put their names forward throughout the year for any Management Committee post in accordance with the notice of the AGM in Newsletter 6/16, and the rules of the Society.

Stuart Conlon General Secretary N Gauge Society