Benefits of Membership

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Join our worldwide community of thousands of N gauge modellers, and access a growing range of exclusive products and services, all designed to assist your N Gauge modelling, whether you are a beginner or an expert.

Members receive

NGS Journal and Handbook

N Gauge Handbook

Our 200+ page full colour reference manual of N Gauge modelling -
(A5 loose leaf format pre-drilled to fit an A5 ring-binder)

    N Gauge Journal (6 per year)

    Our professionally printed colour magazine.  92 pages of news, reviews and articles

    Exclusive products and services

    The N Gauge Society is open to anyone modelling in N Gauge, whether UK, European, Far East or American prototype, and any era.  We also aim to provide encouragement to beginners as well as inspiration to more experienced model makers.

    To get an introductory pack including sample N Gauge Journal, see contact details towards the bottom of the Home page.


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