35th Anniversary Video

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35th Anniversary Exhibition Video

This video has been produced by James Iles, a Film and Television Production undergraduate, an N Gauge enthusiast and member of the N Gauge Society.

This page provides some sample photographs and video clips taken directly from the video.

The video is now available exclusively to Society members from the Society shop for £8.50 + standard Society Shop postal charges.

Send your order to the Society Shop using either the standard order form or on plain paper quoting order code 3NGV35 and your membership number.

James has provided some notes detailing his thoughts behind this project. Technical questions can be sent to 35th-video@ngaugesociety.com

Please note that the VHS video image quality is much better than the video clips below. The committee have watched the video and unanimously voted to sell it through the Society shop.

Each layout below has one video clip, the different still photograph of each layout contain the same clip in a different format and/or quality. The larger the file size then the better the quality. Some of the clips are best suited for broadband users! The opening sequence clip took me 90 minutes to upload on my modem!

If you have any difficulties with the clips please contact me at webmaster@ngaugesociety.com

Moorcock Junction

Windows Media File (550Kbytes)
Quicktime File (2.2Mbytes)


Zeitz and Bridgford

Windows Media File (1.9Mbytes)
Quicktime File (2.2Mbytes)



Windows Media File (1.7Mbytes)
Quicktime File (1.9Mbytes)


Opening Sequence of Video

Windows Media File (16Mbytes)