Journal 2/11 Extra Photos

Untitled document Below you'll find some extra photos to go with the article in Journal 2/11 written by Archie Baillie (18430).

Archie started this layout in 2008 and is 10x45ft in size. There are two mainlines which serve the station at Kinsay - the platforms of which are over 8ft in length (longer than many layouts!). The layout operates in two time-frames, 1930-40s with LMS and LNER based trains and 1950s BR.

There are several rail-served industries on the layout including grain merchants, warehouses and even a carpet factory. More traditional goods yard, cattle dock, coal yard and engine sheds can also be found on the layout. Most of the buildings are from the likes of Metcalfe, Kestrel, Peco and Hornby.

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