Committee Officers

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A Committee of Officers runs the N Gauge Society. All Officers work on a voluntary non-paid basis and are elected by the members, normally at the Annual General Meeting. A team of non-Committee Officers who help provide the Society Services for all members supports the Committee.

In addition there are a number of non-executive Officers. These consist of the President and Vice Presidents.

A list of the names and addresses of current Committee members, non-executive Officers, and non-Committee Officers (who provide Society Services) is published inside the front cover of each issue of the N Gauge Journal.


Chairs all meetings of the Society Committee and represents the Society in Public; is also responsible for co-ordinating the ordering, printing and supplying of Society stationery and publications, with the exception of the Society Journal.

General Secretary

Responsible for all Society correspondence and is the Officer designated to sign contracts on behalf of the Society; organises Committee meetings and the Annual General Meeting, taking minutes and circulating copies of them as required.


Responsible for keeping of all Society financial accounts, submitting quarterly V.A.T. returns, accounts to the Society auditors and circulating audited accounts to members at the Annual General Meeting.

Membership Secretary

Responsible for all Society membership matters; enrols new members, deals with renewals and maintains the membership records; produces membership cards; produces address lists for the contract mailing house. All queries concerning membership MUST be addressed to this Officer.

Trade Liaison Officer

Responsible for liaising with the model trade, particularly those manufacturing/distributing N Gauge models and arranges for product reviews to be conducted on new items submitted for such by the manufacturers.

Area Groups Co-ordinator

Advises members on the formation of Area Groups, liaises with and maintains records of such groups and their membership and ensures that the annual support grant is paid to each group.

Shop Manager

Responsible for running the Society Mail Order Shop, ordering goods as required, processing members orders and dealing with all financial aspects of the shop. At the end of each month passes all financial details to the Treasurer.

Display Unit Manager

Responds to all invitations for the Society Main Display Stand to attend exhibitions, arranging for it to be delivered in time, adequately manned and fully stocked with Society wagon kits and regalia. After each exhibition accounts to the Treasurer for all monies received and the Shop Manager for all stock sold.

Journal Manager/Editor

Has overall responsibility for all Society publications, edits and produces the bi-monthly N Gauge Society Journal. Non Committee Officers Publicity Officer: Responsible for promoting the Society to the public, placing magazine adverts, producing press releases and maintaining a list of members layouts suitable for exhibition, both in the UK and overseas.


Responsible for the development and maintenance of the Society website, and ensuring that it is kept up-to-date both by himself and by other Society Officers, giving assistance where required.

Non Committee Officers

Publicity Officer

Responsible for promoting the Society to the public, placing magazine adverts, producing press releases and maintaining a list of members layouts suitable for exhibition, both in the UK and overseas.

Mini Stand Manager

In liaison with the Display Stand Manager is responsible for responding to invitations for the mini stands to attend exhibitions and ensuring they are delivered to a responsible member in good time for the exhibition.


The N Gauge Society library service is currently suspended (see the 'Library' page under 'Benefits of Membership').

Wagon Kit Project Officer

Responsible for the design, development and production of Society exclusive wagon kits and the quality control of them.

Help Line Co-ordinator

Deals with and responds to problems regarding N Gauge modelling raised by members. This is a postal service only.

Journal Back Number Service Officer

Retains copies of back issues of the Society Journal and supplies the same, or photocopies, for a charge, to members requiring them.

Annual Model Making Competition Co-ordinator

Co-ordinates the annual model making competition