Manufacturer cross-reference lists

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Some members find the NGS shop numbering difficult to match to detailed information on the manufacturer's website or printed catalogues.

The intention is to provide a number of cross-reference lists here, which we hope will be useful in clarifying what each shop item is.  As with so much, this is a "work in progress", so please bear with us as we build up the information.

If you have produced any lists yourself, that you would be happy to share with fellow members, please contact the webmaster via our Contact Us page.

Our first lists are provided courtesy of Alan Cox of Ultima, and Bernard Taylor of TPM.  These compare current Ultima and TPM stock numbers with the NGS shop numbers.  Note that our shop does not hold the full range of Ultima products.

If you need to confirm exactly which NGS shop item is which manufacturer's model, simply click on the links below to see cross-reference tables between manufacturer's reference numbers, and those of our one-stop shop.

Ultima cross-reference

TPM cross-reference

N.B. Please note the above lists have been withdrawn for the time being pending Shop stocking policy re-organisation.


Transfers for kits

New NGS kits have included specially commissioned transfer sheets for some time, and it is our policy to gradually work backwards through our range to upgrade these earlier kits to the new standard with wagon-specific transfer sheets.  In the meanwhile, and for the convenience of members who already have examples of these kits in their "To Do" box, we have compiled a set of suggestions for suitable transfers for NGS wagon kits, complete with NGS shop reference numbers.

With the very welcome cooperation of members and manufacturers, this list now covers N Gauge Society, Chivers Finelines, Parkside Dundass, Parkwood and TPM.

Transfers for kits - suggested sources of transfers for specific kits

If you can add more information to these lists, or have similar information for other kits, please get in touch with the webmaster.