Annual Model Making Competition Hints'n'Tips

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Here are a few hints and tips on making the most of your Annual Model Making Competition entry and also answers to a few of the commonly asked questions.

Entry Forms

Registration forms need to be sent in advance of the competition. They can be downloaded here.

The model title is usually obvious but be aware that there may be more than one "Class A4 Pacific" entered.

The model description is your chance to tell the judges how you made the model. Don't write too much on the prototype's history if it's not relevent to the model. The judges (and the Society membership) are much more interested in what materials and techniques you used, especially if they're a bit out of the ordinary.

Presenting the Model

Do put some thought into the presentation of the model at the competition. A good model can be spoilt by being weathered with 1:1 scale dust and hair.

Many members present their models on short lengths of track -  locos (Classes A1, A2, B1 & B2) or trains (Class R) in particular. There's generally no need for track for wagons of coaches. There's normally not a problem in doing this - infact for trains it's normally a good idea. Please remember that there are often over 70 models entered so space can be limited.

To ensure a level playing field across the entries additional information, pictures etc are should not be presented with the model. The judges will use the model description on the registration form so it's in your interest to do a good job of filling it in.

Postal Entries

Postal entries are welcome but please contact the Competition Co-ordinator before sending your models. Entries send through the post should be well packaged - where ever possible the same packaging will be used to return the model. It's a good idea to make sure that the box you send the model has the name of the model and your name & membership number written on it.

Standard first/second class, Recorded or Special delivery can be used - the choice is yours. The same type of postage will be used to return the model to you. Unfortunatly the Society can not provide return postage - you will have to pay for this yourself. Models are sent back in the few days after the AMMC - you will be contacted if there's likely to be a delay.

And Finally...

Please remember that your models will get handled as they're photographed and judged. If there are any parts that are loose or fragile please let the Competition Co-ordinator know so that extra care can be taken.