Collett BG (RTR5)

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November 2014: livery samples have been received from Dapol (see images below) and minor corrections have been identified.  Dapol are now expecting to deliver the models to us during Q1 2015.

June 2014: the NGS has received the engineering prototype of the Collett (images below).  The tooling has been approved and we are now waiting for livery samples.

Collett BG engineering prototype

Collett BG engineering prototype

Collett BG engineering prototype

16/10/2013: the NGS has received the latest version of the CAD from Dapol - as before if you have any comments please send them to us ASAP.

Collett BG CAD v2

18/09/2013: With thanks to Matthew Pinto and Bernard Taylor we have now finalised the livery diagrams for the NGS Collett BGs.  We are offering 8 initially, and as the chocolate and cream has been the most popular in pre-orders we have decided to offer a second variant in this scheme.   We may yet add another in BR maroon (probably with destination markings for variety) as BR Maroon sales are catching up.

1 - No. 109 GWR chocolate and cream with crest:

2:  No. 181 GWR plain chocolate with roundel:

3: No. W152  BR Crimson and Cream:

4:  No. W106W BR plain Crimson:

5: No. W112W BR maroon:

6: No. W141W BR blue:

7:  No. ADB 975157 Enparts:

8: No. 147 GWR chocolate and cream:

We are now awaiting revised CAD drawings from Dapol and will post these when we have them; once metal is cut the next stage will be moulded samples.

10/09/2013: The NGS has received the first CAD images of the Collett BG (K41) from Dapol. This is very much a work in progress, with clearly identifiable areas that need attention:  bogies, roof vents, windows and corridor connectors.  (NB the coupler at one end seems to be the wrong way round!). Please let us know of any issues - even if already mentioned - because it's still possible to make alterations.

Dave Jones of Dapol and Ben Ando of the NGS  visited the Didcot Railway Centre to photograph and measure key dimensions for the N Gauge Society's forthcoming Collett BG.

The vehicle was parked outside a shed, which meant that access to one side was straightforward, though space on the other side was a little more restricted.

Dave Jones took several hundred exposures of both the whole thing and individual details.

GWR Collett BG

The screws are not normally visible in service; being hidden by putty so the bodyside seems smooth.  In this case I understand the screwheads have been exposed to allow restorative work.

Collett BG details

We were also able to check the roof panel details.

Collett BG roof

Most of the vehicles are owned by a holding company set up by the Railway Centre, and we'd just like to say a big thank you to Adrian Knowles, who was kind enough to allow us to photograph and measure the vehicle for several hours, and proved to be a genial and knowledgeable host!

Collett BG and Adrian Knowles