Journal 6/10 Extra Photos

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Below you'll find some extra photos to go with the Seahaven article in Journal 6/10 written by Rod Kershaw (15908).

Rod's layout is portable and lives on his boat. The layout is made from 9mm plywood and measures 4ft by 2ft 3ins.

The track plan is based on a folder figure of eight and is laid using Peco set-track.

The layout is populated with scratch built boats (not suprising given that Rod lives on one!), and additional vehicles from the likes of Langley and PD Marsh. Trains are generally based around the 1950s and inlcudes locos from Farish, Dapol, Union Mills and Minitrix, hauling trains made up of RTR coaches and wagons with some wagons built from the Society Kits.


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