Modelling in N Gauge

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Want to start in N Gauge?

Absolute beginner?

Looking for some hints and tips?

You're at the right website! Follow the links in this section to read about the construction of an N Gauge model railway and pick up some useful hints and tips.  We plan to add a number of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) here over time.

Compare Scales will show you how N Gauge compares to the other major modelling scales and gauges, as well as detailing the differences between UK, European, Japanese and American N Gauge scales.

Making a Start documents Yvonne Shillabeer's first foray into N Gauge modelling, and therefore provides a useful introduction to many of the issues and techniques for N.

Hints and Tips is probably self-explanatory, and includes a selection of ideas to improve or simplify your modelling.

Split Gears is a useful article if your Farish loco is suffering from a rhythmic clicking noise, a jammed mechanism or uneven running.  All of these may be caused by split gears, especially some early Farish models.  This article shows how easy it is to fix yourself.

Questions about N gauge modelling?

If you are a member of the NGS, you can use our Helpline service.  Just send an email with your question, and details of your name, town and NGS membership number to: