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18 April 14
Untitled document Kit 54b (NGK541) the KSA “NACCO” timber carrier has been released.
9 April 14
Untitled document Journal 2/14 (Mar/Apr) was dispatched to members on Tuesday 8th April
3 April 14
Untitled document New Oxford Items
16 March 14
Untitled document

This year’s Felixstowe Area Group Show will be held on Saturday June 14th 2014.

10 March 14
Untitled document Grahame, our new editor, has written a set of guidelines on how to submit an article for publication.
28 February 14
Untitled document Doug Cross will resign from the post of Treasurer on the 7th June 2014, at the AGM.
26 February 14
Untitled document A provisional release date for Kit 54b.
25 February 14
Untitled document

West Cornwall & Launceston N Gauge Groups Are Holding a Model Railway One Day Exhibition At Lostwithiel Community Hall

18 February 14
Untitled document There is a new vacancy for Annual Model Making Competition Co-ordinator.
29 January 14
Untitled document There is a new vacancy for Handbook Co-Ordinator.
22 January 14
Untitled document The NGS is considering commissioning a modern RTR coach or wagon from Farish.  The initial choice of 4 potential models has been narrowed down to the 2 most popular choices.
1 January 14
Untitled document NGS 2014 Annual General Meeting - Saturday 7th June 2014 to be held at Westbury Labour Club, Haynes Road, Westbury, Wiltshire. BA13 3HA.
16 October 13
Untitled document The NGS has now received a second, revised draft of the CAD drawing of the Collett BG
18 September 13
Untitled document The final livery choices for the forthcoming NGS Collett BG have been made.
9 September 13
Untitled document The NGS announced at the International N Gauge Show 2013 that its next RTR project will be the Thompson steel-sided full brake.
24 April 13
Untitled document Dave Jones of Dapol and Ben Ando of the NGS recently visited the Didcot Railway Centre to photograph and measure key dimensions for the N Gauge Society's forthcoming Collett BG.
23 April 13
Untitled document Kits 4, 5 and 7
19 March 13
Untitled document The N Gauge Society’s LMS Inspection Saloon has been voted N Gauge Coach Model of the Year for 2012 by the readers of Model Rail magazine, RM Web and MR Express magazine
4 March 13
Untitled document With effect from the distribution of Journal 2/13
28 February 13
Untitled document N Gauge Society Kit 54: Cubes and Timber!